RoyalBenchars was invented in 2017, with the help of 4 members having some unique quality in each one of this member.As a free lancer we were developing projects from last 2 years , then we decided to have our own company as customers goes on increasing so we established this company .

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How to activate developer option for usb debugging.

Developer’s Option:- For Activating Developer’s Option in Android we need to navigate to “Build Number” and tap 7 times. Generally,Goto Settings > General > About phone. Then Scroll and Select Software information > Build number.Now rapidly tap on ‘Build Number’ seven times and you will see the message‘You are now a developer!’When the Developer options are unlocked, you should see something … Continue reading How to activate developer option for usb debugging.

Android requirements

Requirements: JDK 8 or later version. Java Runtime Environment (JRE)6 Download an IDE Android Studio/Eclipse/Netbeans But officially Android Studio is the recommended IDE for developing Android Projects. Installation Install JDK and JRE in your system. Launch Android Studio.exe. Edit If the JDK is not detected automatically you need to mention its path explicitly.Proceed Further to … Continue reading Android requirements

Introduction to Android components

Android Application Components: Activities:- An activity in Android represents a single screen with which a user can interact with. An application can have more than one Activity and each Activity operates independently, but can be linked to one another and each Activity you create must be defined in your applicationā€™s manifest file. Each Activity in … Continue reading Introduction to Android components

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