Resume – Most Frequently Asked Questions – Part – 1

Questions regarding length of resume:

✩ Probably single page of resume is enough for fresher. Whereas 2 pages of resume is good for the experienced candidates. However you should include all the information that will match to the required job.

✩ Usually the hiring managers receive large volume of resumes for a single job. So you should prepare your resume very concisely and readable.

✩ To reduce the length, use different bullet points and headings and it makes your resume to read easily. 

Questions regarding things to be included resume:

✩ You should include your professional experience, skills and achievements and career path with exact date.

✩ Use summary or career objective section to introduce yourself and what you can offer for the benefit of organization. 

✩ You have to include your resume contact information, previous work experience, education, your top accomplishments and relevant skills. 

✩ Make sure that you have included right keywords that will help your resume to get short listed when Application tracking system is used.


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