Resume – Most Frequently Asked Questions – Part – 2

Questions regarding Resume Writing order:

🎆 The format of your resume highly depends on how well you are in your career and it shows your working experience and skills required for the job.

🎆 The most effective format is the reverse chronological resume format that can list your previous work experience from the most recent to the oldest.

🎆 The chronological format is more suitable for the experienced persons who can tailor their resume with responsibilities and achievements for each role.

🎆 The persons who are looking an advancement in the same sectors would prefer chronological format rather than persons who are about to start their careers.

🎆 A functional resume is more skills based resume. It requires the most relevant information to the particular job that you are going to apply.

🎆 In this functional resume, you have to list your top achievements and relevant experience which is most applicable to the job.

🎆 This kind of format will help you to be diplomatic about employment gaps or a lack of professional experience.


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