Overview of Sections on the Resume -Part -1

✼ A resume is a document that recapitulate your relevant job experience, education, and skills to get an interview when you are searching the job. 

✼ You have to know the purpose of each and every section of resume and it will help you to build the resume effectively.

Contact Information: 

✼ The first section of the resume is contact information section which provides your personal contact information.

✼ Name, current mailing address, email address, and phone number should be included in this section. 

✼ All the information of this section should be up to date with respect to the application process. Your updates will eliminate confusion of the employer’s part. 

✼ Don’t keep the unnecessary information or non-professional email address in this section of your resume while you are applying for jobs. 


✼ This section of your resume has to provide information about your university, college name within the university and major subject. 

✼ If your overall or major GPA above 3.0, then you can list in your resume. 

✼ Along with these details, the degree you have received and graduation date should be mentioned in this section.


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