Categories Of Conflict 

Team level conflict :

 Generally a team can be comprises of two or more members in it. The team has a well defined system, proper code of conduct and distinct roles and responsibilities.

 If any conflicts happen in a group or team, it will not only affect its members but also have an impact on other teams and on the organization too.

 The regular interaction with each other creates an healthy working environment but sometimes, the conflicts can arise.

Types of Team level conflict :

 Intra-team conflict 

 Inter-team conflict

Intra-team conflict :

 During the process of interaction, there can be some differences of opinion between the team members.

 In some situations, the team does not want to retain a member but the member of the team may want to remain in the group or vice versa. This will cause the conflicts because of the methods adopted by the group or the individual.

Ways for Intra-Team Conflicts:

 When the team or group faces a new problem, usually intra-team conflicts will arise. If the company or team adopts new principles into the team, these type of conflicts will take place.


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