Steps to ace Behavioral Interviews- part 2

Step-2: Prepare a list of expected questions and answers:

 One of the keys to success in interviewing is to prepare the list of questions and to work out answers before the interview.

 You have to prepare the list of questions based the company’s profile and the position which is to be filled. 

 The preparation of questionnaire lead you to have a mental outline to follow in responding to each question.

Few sample behavioral-based interview questions:

 Tell me about a time when you exhibited excellent listening skills while distractions were present.

 Tell me about a time you voiced a concern to a co-worker, supervisor, or professor.

 Describe a project that required input from people at different levels in the organization.

 Share a rewarding team experience.

 Give me an example of a team project that failed.

 One way to prepare for behavioral interview answers is by writing out your stories before the interview. To answer these questions, one of the suggested methods is STAR approach. 

 Before getting ready to organize the answers, review your experience and background and think of examples that highlight your strength and skills in the areas which is required for the job.

 While preparing the answers, you have to review your resume and choose the best stories that you can share during the interview. Remember that you should not memorize the answers.

 You should choose the appropriate stories that would be suitable for the position based on its job description. 

 Based on the required skills, you have to change your story about a time when your skills was recognized. 

 The interviewer may not be asked the questions that you have prepared, but your preparedness will help you in a certain way.


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