Tips to improve the interpersonal skills-Part-2

Positive attitude at work environment

✩ The people with positive attitude only can create the happy work environments. Such a people are always happy and happy people are more productive. They can work without stress, promotes creativity and innovation.

✩ You may help your colleagues by identifying their problem and make a positive solution for that problem. 

✩ If you have identified your colleague who is in deep trouble, offer your assistance to him who need it and positively commenting on it. 

✩ while don’t forget to thank your colleagues when they help you and welcome your colleagues to seek assistance from you.

Remember more than one solution

Different people use different methods to manage different situations
✭ The way of handling the problems differ from person to person. The people are all different and they use different methods to solve the problem.

✭ We should see things from other people’s perspectives to attain a good solution because sometimes we may wrong. There is always more than one solution for every problem.

Never take anything personally

★ It is always tough to predict a mindset of others. So it is important to understand a person’s reaction on your comments. 

★ You must aware of how you are reacting in the time of the interaction with your colleagues. If you do so, it is better for you regret later. 

★ While you should not take other’s comments into your mind. Passing the positive comments may lead to build a better rapport. 


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