Tips to improve your body language

During the conversations in person, it is an important to be attentive and to attract the opposite person. Here are few tips to improve your body language.

1. The Flooding smile
It always is an important to have a smile on your face. It doesn’t mean that you need to keep grinning. All a day long if you keep grinning, people may think that you would do the same to all the people. That gives bad impression on you. What you have to do means, the moment you greet the people, give a positive, responsive smile. The smile should flood over your face and that would stimulate the positive feelings. It makes the listener to feel that you are very happy to meet them.
Grinning: smile broadly, smile ear to ear

2. Eye contact:
When you are having a conversation, don’t break your eye contact with opposite person. If you continue your eye contact, that shows you are glued to that person. This brings little bit of confidence in the listener. Because of your eye contact, the listener can believe that you are really interested in the conversation. Even that conversation ends with, don’t just look away. You need to do is reluctantly or slowly look away from the person.
Glue: attach, bond

3. Limit the body movement:
If you want to appear credible, do not move much when you are having conversation with someone. Also stop fidgeting with your hands, stop scratching the face or hand. You should not move much to see the mails or messages that you have received. It means stop multitasking and Please be attentive to the conversation that you are having.
Fidget: be uneasy, move around

4. Usage hands:
Don’t cross your hands. Crossing your hands on your arms shows that you are disinterest or boredom. Do use your hands while you are talking with someone. Moreover the hands help you to take the words out from your mind.
Boredom: dullness


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