Telephone Interview – an overview

  • If your resume has made it “YES” for you in the competition, then the first thing a company will do is a phone screening.
  • It may seem like a mere formality, but a phone interview can be a make-or-break experience. These interviews are time and cost-effective.
  • The hiring managers will test your verbal communication skills and telephone etiquette.
  • These interviews can be nerve-racking, but you have to get through them to get to the next level.
  • The candidates should prepare for the phone interview as seriously as they do for an in-person one.
  • The purpose of this interview is to determine whether it’s worth bringing you in for the face to face interview
  • Even though your resume or cover letter was deemed worthy of a call, the phone interview is actually the most important step. If you don’t ace this step, the next steps never happen.
  • The hiring manager usually ask the questions about job history or projects from your past, to ensure you are being honest in your resume and are truly qualified for the position.
  • This type of interview allows an employer to screen candidates on the candidates experience, qualifications, and salary expectations pertaining to the position and the company.
  • Enthusiasm in your voice shines through on a call will be noticed by the interviewer. So you have to impress the interviewer on the phone before you get into face to face interview.


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