An overview about group interview

Group interviews involve getting together with other job candidates to meet with one or more interviewers.

  • Group interviews are relatively easy and you’ll be questioned along with a bunch of other hopeful job seekers. Your ideas will be heard by the crowd or the other job candidates.
  • The number of companies uses this type of interview to give the information to all the candidates in an economical and time-saving manner.
  • The hiring managers have an opportunity to observe the candidate’s behavior and interaction with each other, their communication skills and the impression they make.
  • In the interview your objective is not only to show that you are a great employee but also to beat the competition face-to-face. So stay confident in the competition.
  • Be a talkative person while encourage your fellow interviewees to speak up and let their ideas be heard.
  • You may be required to participate in work-simulation exercises. By this, your problem solving skills and participation will be noted by the hiring managers.
  • The candidates may be split into teams and each team will have a work-related task to complete. Each team then has to present their results to the whole group.
  • Research the company, arrive on time, dress appropriately, practice answering common interview questions will help you to stand out from others.
  • The skills and behaviors observed include communication and interpersonal ability, persuasiveness and the ability to influence others, leadership and delegation, organizational and planning skills and the ability to work and contribute as a team member.


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