New features of Android studio 3.0

-You got the new Language “Kotlin” Support in this version and you can easily create new or convert an existing Java code to Kotlin and preview what most of the Kotlin statements mean inside the Editor.

-A Big Improvements in ConstrainLayout including Chain cycles and Barriers and i highly recommend to watch the ConstrainLayout talk here :

-And what of the most features i personally loved that you can view the RecyclerView Items now inside the editor and see what would it look like on Devices and you can create JSON files that manipulate data on Your ReyclerView items.

-Support for fonts and Google Fonts in the layout Editor directly.

-The new adaptive icons that make your App Icon fit into whatever the style of the mobile design.

-Now there is a Built in File Explorer for your Emulator or physical device and you can view your files inside the Editor.

-New Features and improvements in APK Analyzer to help you know more about why your app takes that size and how to reduce it and lets you now decompile your APK and show your code files.

-The new Android Profiler tab that connects to your Device and Monitor the changes in all of the Network , Memory , CPU Changes in your device during running your application and it’s very handy helps you see every thing including devices events marked in purple dots and your network requests and what you downloaded and view it .

I highly recommend to watch this awesome talk that have live demos of all those features:

I’m really happy with the Android Studio team and the developer community feedback Every new Android Studio version they make a lot of improvements .



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