What is Inbound & Outbound marketing 


Inbound marketing is the technique of using content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization to promote services and products to the customers. 

Inbound marketing provides thecustomers and improves experience and gain trust by supplying valuable information. It is also cost effective compared to outbound marketing because any content uploaded on the internet stays forever and can bring traffic today, tomorrow or for many days after. 

Inbound marketing helps in fueling the search engine optimization of the site and generates leads.

Inbound Marketing covers the following techniques-

1) SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

2) SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

3) SMO(Social Media Optimization)

4) SMM(Social Media Marketing)

5) PPC(Pay Per Click)

6) Messanger Marketing

7) Content Marketing

8) Email Marketing

9) Affiliated Marketing

10) Classified Marketing


Outbound marketing is the traditional form of marketing where hoarding boards, TV ads, radio, print media are used to reach the consumers. 

Using physical media makes outbound marketing costlier. This technique is beneficial when used along with Inbound Marketing produces effective and efficient results. Not only this, outbound marketing us beneficial for local promotion. 
A local shop will be better promoted through print ads and flyers rather than social media. Once you have made your presence known through outbound marketing, you can inbound marketing for further and long lasting reach.
The outbound Marketing covers the following technique-
1) TV Ads 
2) Digital Hoarding
3) SMS
4) MMS


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