New features of Android studio 3.0

-You got the new Language “Kotlin” Support in this version and you can easily create new or convert an existing Java code to Kotlin and preview what most of the Kotlin statements mean inside the Editor.

-A Big Improvements in ConstrainLayout including Chain cycles and Barriers and i highly recommend to watch the ConstrainLayout talk here :

-And what of the most features i personally loved that you can view the RecyclerView Items now inside the editor and see what would it look like on Devices and you can create JSON files that manipulate data on Your ReyclerView items.

-Support for fonts and Google Fonts in the layout Editor directly.

-The new adaptive icons that make your App Icon fit into whatever the style of the mobile design.

-Now there is a Built in File Explorer for your Emulator or physical device and you can view your files inside the Editor.

-New Features and improvements in APK Analyzer to help you know more about why your app takes that size and how to reduce it and lets you now decompile your APK and show your code files.

-The new Android Profiler tab that connects to your Device and Monitor the changes in all of the Network , Memory , CPU Changes in your device during running your application and it’s very handy helps you see every thing including devices events marked in purple dots and your network requests and what you downloaded and view it .

I highly recommend to watch this awesome talk that have live demos of all those features:

I’m really happy with the Android Studio team and the developer community feedback Every new Android Studio version they make a lot of improvements .



What is Daivik virtual machine?

Dalvik Virtual Machine:

EditThe official language for Android development is Java.
JDK(Java Development Kit) will compile our Java code and it is going to produce a file called .class file. Also called as Java bytecode.

Java bytecode is platform independent code because it can run on multiple platforms.

In android DVM takes this Java bytecode as input and it is going to produce a lightweight file called .dex file.

Dex is termed as Dalvik Executable Code.

With Android Version 2.2 (Froyo) Google introduced JIT(Just in Time ) compilation in Dalvik.

Till Android Version 5.0 Dalvik was the runtime use by Android which is being replaced byART(Android Run Time) in later versions.

Tips to improve the interpersonal skills-Part-1

Interpersonal skills are not only important at the workplace but also in life to get an elevation. 

To succeed in management you need good interpersonal skills, you need to understand how to deal with other people.

One of the most effective ways to improve your interpersonal skills is to imagine how you would like to be treated by others.

Few tips to improve your interpersonal skills

Practice to listen actively

✩ Whenever you have a work-related conversation, be attentive of what the other person is saying.

✩ When other people are talking to you, make them feel that you are interested through your active listening.

✩ You can demonstrate the active listening by acknowledging other people’s statements in your own words to make your colleagues happy. 

✩ An healthy interaction is always important in work place. During the interaction you have to allow your interlocutor to finish their speech before interrupting with your response.

✩ Without clear understanding their concept fully, you cannot attain a good solution. While you may ask questions to understand.

Positive body language and Be enthusiastic : 

✭ Body language is an important tool in the effective communication. Your appearance is just the first step to make a very good impression at your work environment. 

✭ Make eye contact when you are being spoken to and when you are speaking. Making eye contact with your colleagues show your attention and understanding.

✭ Most of all, you have to smile when interacting with others to reveal your interpersonal skills. Because people always love to interact with a happy person.

✭ Be enthusiastic about your work and life which may help you to get appreciations from your colleagues.

Resume – Most Frequently Asked Questions – Part – 2

Questions regarding Resume Writing order:

🎆 The format of your resume highly depends on how well you are in your career and it shows your working experience and skills required for the job.

🎆 The most effective format is the reverse chronological resume format that can list your previous work experience from the most recent to the oldest.

🎆 The chronological format is more suitable for the experienced persons who can tailor their resume with responsibilities and achievements for each role.

🎆 The persons who are looking an advancement in the same sectors would prefer chronological format rather than persons who are about to start their careers.

🎆 A functional resume is more skills based resume. It requires the most relevant information to the particular job that you are going to apply.

🎆 In this functional resume, you have to list your top achievements and relevant experience which is most applicable to the job.

🎆 This kind of format will help you to be diplomatic about employment gaps or a lack of professional experience.